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Why marketing strategy should ALWAYS come first

Have courage in your convictions! 💪

A couple of days ago, I read on LinkedIn a great post about the problem of listening to conflicting advice...

I see it every day 👀👇

💥’ALWAYS post EVERY day on socials. 18 times ideally.’

💥 ‘WHY aren’t you on *insert shiny new channel name*?! It’s the future!’

💥 ‘The ONLY way to do it is by using *insert clever integrated marketing solution*!’

Marketing can feel overwhelming (to marketers especially😂🤦🏻‍♀️) but the truth is, there are as many ways as people, and the best thing that is right for one person and their business may well not apply to you if it doesn't help you deliver your strategy.

Marketing is about seeking to understand, plotting a course, taking the journey and understanding again. Then repeat. 🔄

Strategy is making a conscious choice about what to do, and what NOT not to do.

Having the courage to make those calls and follow through will always help you move forward.

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