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Marketing; how little changes make big differences

This is a story about my son, and about marketing...

Yesterday I asked my son to make me a cup of tea. I told him what to do an left him to it. This is what happened:

  • He made me a cup of tea, with an already used tea bag. 🤮

  • The water boiled over because he overfilled the kettle. 🌊

  • The teabag broke and spilled tea leaves into the cup. 🤦‍♀️

  • He added way too much milk. 🥛

  • The tea was frankly revolting 😂

He was distraught - why did the cup of tea not look like it should? I realised that although I had given him instructions, he had needed more information.

He had asked me where the teabags were and I said they were by the kettle, but I didn't specify that they were in a jar next to the kettle, so technically by taking one of the half dried ones from the tea bag tray he was not doing anything incorrect, I had just assumed a level of knowledge that he didn't have.

So, we started again, and this time I talked him through every step, explaining why we did each bit and exactly how. He adjusted every little action and the next cup of tea was PERFECT 😊.

What lessons did we both learn?

- Sometimes you need a helping hand from someone else to see how to improve

- Little adjustments add up to big differences

- Understanding why you're doing something means you remember for next time


p.s - My preference is He-Man, if you're making...

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