• Sophie

Why the words you use in marketing MATTER.

What do you call this? 👇 🤔

Where I live it is called a BATCH. I have NO idea why 😂.

We've all seen these clickbait posts - people love a good argument about them (or try asking which way to hang toilet paper), but why is it important?

Batch is one small single word, but if I was a baker in this area would I create marketing messaging about rolls, butty's or batches? I think you know the answer.

Today I listened to Sven Hughes about the power of words. In a world where we are bombarded with the visual, it is hard to stand out, and even harder to be memorable. Did you know:

⭐ There are 5000 branded visuals posted daily

⭐ There are 15,000 channels

⭐ It would take you 50 years (50! 😳) to watch the content on YouTube...

Its not that images aren't impactful, they are, but by carefully listening and using the right words, (the words your audience want to hear), they will become far more powerful than you might imagine.

When we talk we give 'verbal leakage', tiny clues to who we are 🧐. As marketers it is our job to pick up on these clues and use them to create empathy with our audience.

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