How do you know what I need?

If you are a sole business owner or a small team, you probably do some marketing activities but don't necessarily have a clear plan. I can either help you with one area, or  diagnose your biggest gaps and start there!

How long do you work with clients?

This varies by client and their requirements. The beauty of working with someone independent like me is you can pick and choose how much time you spend to suit your business. Some clients choose a one off project, some prefer regular support, and some prefer to work on a case by case basis - its up to you!

What industry do you specialise in?

I don't specialise in any particular sector or industry. Of course I have more experience in working in some areas, but I believe I don't need to be an expert in your industry, because YOU are the expert in your business! By working with me you get to apply my skills and knowledge objectively to improve your marketing - that's my area of expertise.

Do I have to have certain tools or accounts?

Having been in marketing for some time, I have tools that I like, but they may not always be suitable for you or within your budget. I can adapt to yours if you have already established some systems; I believe you should always have control of your marketing, and to make the most of what you have before looking for something new.  

How do you measure success?

Setting smart goals and expectations from the outset is important. Depending on what we are working on, I will provide you with evidence, KPIs or feedback to help you understand the impact our work is having on your business.

How much do you charge?

I charge by the 'day' or by project. I do not charge hourly, for meetings or conversations. We will always agree what we are looking to achieve before we start, and I'll share with you project breakdowns so you know exactly where you stand.